Like mother, like daughter. Not even a week after we caught wind of Madonna dying her hair pink, her oldest daughter Lourdes Leon is following suit with a new and unexpected colour of her own — grey.

While it might not be for some, we love the whole premature-grey thing that’s been in fashion among celebs for a while now —Zosia Mamet and Rihanna have also sported the silver. It’s an edgy, cool-girl look that, when pulled off right, gives off some pretty fierce vibes.



We’d say Lourdes falls into that category — her new hair is a complete 360 from her natural dark tresses, but if being 18 is good for anything, it’s experimenting with different ‘dos. We’ve all gone (or are going) through our own hair-experiment phases.

We just hope she understands the care and upkeep required for her new strands: If you’re thinking of trying this look make sure you consult with your Reds stylist.