Find out how to avoid these 5 sneaky beauty busters doing a number on your mane.

#1 Waiting Forever Between Cuts


The problem with letting your hair grow out for months before getting it cut again is that your stylist won’t be able to follow the shape of your last cut. If you really love a style, you should aim for an upkeep trim every six weeks.

#2 Washing Your Hair Every Day


Sure, a fresh style feels good, but sudsing up that often strips your locks and scalp of healthy oils, making them super dry or causing your scalp’s oil glands to go into overdrive, making your hair even more oily. You can keep a good balance by alternating your shampoo every other day with a volumising conditioner like Kerastase Volumintense.

#3 On Moisture


The lure of a product that claims it’s super-hydrating is undeniable, but use too much and you’ll end up with lifeless, weighed-down, greasy strands. Apply just a dab each morning, paying special attention to your ends since they’re the oldest and most damaged part of your hair.

#4 Neglecting Your Fringe


Because it effects the shape of your whole style, you shouldn’t hold off getting your fringe cut until your next hair appointment. We recommend coming in about every 3 weeks for a shape up. Luckily Reds offers complimentary fringe trims to our clients!

#5 Skipping The Heat Protectant


It’s important to protect your hair before using a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron for two reasons. First, using a hot tool causes friction, which damages cuticle cells and causes breakage. Furthermore, the heat can burn you hair, making it feel dry and brittle. A conditioning heat protective spray like Kerastase Resistance Cimet Thermique coats your hair so the hot tool will glide over it without causing friction. It also acts like an insulator, preventing your strands from burning.