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There are few beauty items which work as hard as our mascara and lucky for us, it can give the illusion of eight hours sleep in a single swipe. While it’s often applied on autopilot, a few tweaks to your application can ensure it works that little bit harder for you. Here, our foolproof guide to mascara application for faking eight hours sleep.


First things first: before you’ve even laid eyes on your mascara, you should reach for the lash curler. Any make-up artist will attest to the power of a lash curler for opening the upper lash line and ensuring mascara goes on easier.

Work them Upward

Next time you apply mascara, consider the direction you apply it. Subconsciously, we naturally force out lashes outwards to give a winged effect, when we should be working lashes upwards to open up the eye area. And don’t forget to get those feathery lashes on the inner corners, they can awaken a tired eye area.


While your mascara is the single most important step in counteracting a tired eye area, don’t overlook the power of a luminizer. With your ring finger, lightly dab a cream luminizer onto the inner corners of the eyes, as well as along the brow bone for an instant brightness.