Confused with which brush is for what? Check out our guide to makeup brushes.


Blending sphere
The egg-shaped sponge is ideal for blending out concealer and foundation. Though unusually shaped, the tip is perfect for transferring product from the inner corner of the eye to the outer edge, an area that is not only tricky to reach but sensitive to being over worked with fingers or a brush.

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Foundation brush
From angled, pointed and rounded there are a number of shapes available to apply both wet and dry product. The angled shape allows for precision in difficult contours of the face, while a tapered head leaves an even, streak-free finish.

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Angled brush
The ideal tool for a sculpted look; the precision of the angle and the soft but dense bristles mean the brush will work with the natural contours of your facial features without leaving too harsh a line behind. Usable with blushes, bronzers or highlighters in any form.

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Lip brush
While typically quite small and square, a lip brush allows for controlled defintion and precise lines to be drawn onto the lips or soften lip liners.


Kabuki brush
A compact, fluffy brush that is ideal for a precise and controlled application of loose powders, bronzers, highlighters or blushes. Can be used all over the face to control shine, fill out the apples of the cheeks or contour the hollows of the cheeks and highlight the cheekbones.

Powder-BrushPowder brush
A staple for every collection, the rounded-dome and densely packed bristles mean the powder brush offers controlled product placement and complements the circular movements needed to apply powders. Can be used to apply mineral, pressed and loose powders.

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Brow and liner brush
Usually double-ended, with a spoolie on one end to brush out and clean-up brows, and an angled and tapered flat brush on the other to fill in and define brows, highlight the brow bone or inner corner of the eyes and for the experts among us, ideal for lining the lid with gel or liquid products.

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Liner brush
With a very fine point (and often angled to aid the user) these brushes are specifically designed for smooth and exact application of liquid or gel eyeliners without the drag that traditional kohl liners can leave behind.

July 28, 2008--  (Photos By © Eliot J. Schechter) Fort Lauderdale 954.851.0599

Fan brush                                                                                                                      Useful to have on hand for cleaning up mistakes, to brush off any excess product or fall-out from shadows. Also ideal for applying a soft wash of colour to the face and to blur harsh lines.


Stippling brush
The duo-fibre design not only allows the brush to pick-up and hold product with ease, but also leaves the skin with an airbrushed affect. Can be used with both liquid and powder products to add definition, create a base or build coverage.


Smudge brush
The short curve brush allows for smooth application of colour along the lash line. The density of the fibre is ideal for packing on colour, adding intensity, enhancing definition and smudging lines.


Eye blending brush
Softens hard lines, blends multiple shadows at a time and leaves a natural finish across the lid.


Crease brush
This angle shaped brush is designed to blend out and contour shadow in the crease and corners of the eye.