Trend to Try: Head scarves



Head wraps and scarves and tied bandanas are on such a hot wave right now, turning your most simplistic outfit and boring hair into “too cute” with one tie.


To get the look fold a brightly coloured square scarf (minimum 70x70cm) into a triangle. Starting with the tip of the triangle, fold the tip and 10cm of the fabric down so the scarf is in the shape of a trapezium. Continue folding the scarf until you have a long, narrow band.

Place the centre of the scarf at the nape of the neck and bring both ends to the top of the head. Holding both ends with one hand, pin the scarf in place behind both ears using contoured bobby pins the same colour as your hair.

Once pinned, cross the ends of the scarf over and wind them back to the nape of the neck. For smaller scarves, tightly double knot the ends then tuck them under the headscarf. For larger scarves, bring then ends back to the forehead then knot and tuck.


On top of being a grade-A cool, a head wrap can make you polished and can hide the worst hair days, including frizz created by the humidity of spring and summer.


Equally perfect for the beach or the bar, this season is a great time to tie one on and head to the party.

Wellington Fashion Week: Hair Trends You’ll See Next Spring


The fabulous hair seen on the runway shows at the recent Wellington Fashion Week give us a glimpse of the five trends we predict will be big this Spring…


‘50s Influence








The spirit of the 1950s was a huge trend in both clothing and hair. Designers such as World, Trelise Cooper and Hailwood lead the way with their take on the modern pin up girl.


Extreme Side Parts







Emerging designers Philippa and Alice, Highnoontea and Silence Was rocked the extreme side part and low pony to create a look that was both youthful and modern.


Romantic Curls


Established Wellington designers Starfish brought the romance, keeping curls soft and full of body.


Sleek Up-Dos









According to Wellington Fashion Week’s Hair Director Michael Beel, the messy bun has had its day, “I’ve just come back from London Fashion Week and it’s all about being groomed and slick.” Heading this advice, Millicent, Robyn Mathieson and Silence Was kept it sleek and sexy.