Do you really need to deep condition? How long can you wait before getting a touch-up on your highlights? These are the nagging questions we all want our hair stylist to answer. Well, stop worrying and follow this plan for your healthiest hair ever.

1. Shampoo every few days.
It might seem obvious but the thicker your hair, the less often you need to wash it. If you have fine hair, however, you’ll likely have to shampoo it more frequently.

Start by washing every other day at first, and keep stretching it out with more days in between until your oils really start to weigh your hair down.

For curly hair, treat your conditioner like a shampoo. Wash it once a week but every other week swap out your shampoo and use conditioner instead. This will help keep hair hydrated by not overly oily.

2. Deep-condition once a month.
Deep conditioning is essential for great hair. Ideally give it a full half an hour to soak in before rinsing it out. (It takes about 30 minutes to penetrate the hair, so leaving it on longer won’t make that much more of a difference.)

3. Get a haircut every six to eight weeks.
Shorter hair needs to be shaped more often, so if you have a shorter hairstyle like a pixie, bob, or lob, you’ll need to get a trim at least every six to eight weeks. But if you have a longer cut you can go 10 to 12 weeks, since you’ll likely just need to shape your layers for a bit of lift.

But, if you start to notice splitting, schedule an appointment with us ASAP. If your hair does split, it can compromise your overall hair health. Even if you want to grow your hair long, be sure to get the tips cut regularly.

4. Touch up roots every four weeks.
If you have more than 20 percent grey hair at the roots, you need a touch-up once a month. If you have darker hair with more depth at the root, you could probably squeeze out six weeks at the most.