This warm and damp weather can wreak havoc with your style. When it’s humid its not just the blowdryer or straightener needed to smooth out frizz, but also prepping and product to preserve your do. Here is a step by step on how to control the frizz and enjoy a long-lasting blow-dry.


  1. Prep damp, towel dried hair with a hydrating smoothing oil like Kérastase Sêrum Oléo-Relax.
  2. Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 4.02.51 pmSection off your fringe or the front pieces that frame your forehead (width distance temple to temple). Using a round brush smooth this section away from your forehead gliding the dryer along the top of the hair to seal and smooth. ( The key here is to point the nozzle not directly on the hair to dry, but to let it rest slightly above the hair. Doing this will allow you to control the hair creating a smooth and sleek look.)
  3. Continue with the front section and wind it into a tight coiled bun. Clip and leave to set.
  4. Next section off  hair on your right and left side. If you need to create smaller sections within these sections you may do so.
  5. Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 4.04.22 pmStart with either side and smooth both sides using your round brush gliding the blowdryer slightly above the hair. With your round brush direct and blow the hair toward the face. This will help create volume at the root as well as create a equally balanced look and smoothness for both sides.
  6. After your sides are smooth. Work your way to the back of your head. Here create two horizontal sections. Clip top section and tuck away.
  7. Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 4.06.51 pmStart with the bottom half and section into two vertical sections. Using the round brush smooth each section bringing the hair towards the face when blowdrying. (Continue step 8 for other sections.)
  8. Once you’ve reached the last section (top of the head) continue the same smoothing technique, styling everything forward (towards the face).
  9. Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 4.08.16 pmWhen you’ve completed smoothing out hair. Gently blow warm air across the top of the head to tuck away any baby hairs (the key here is to not blow directly on the scalp but to hold the dryer at an angle. Use the palm of your hand and fingers (faceup) to comb through the hair from the scalp while drying. This will help control the hair and tuck away those stubborn baby hairs).
  10. Now remove clip from first section, unwinding it split in half or your desired part.
  11. Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 4.09.09 pmPolish off your frizz free blow-dry with a finishing humidity spray. This will preserve a long-lasting sleek look. We love L’Oréal Professionnel Fix Anti-Frizz