Dye-ing to go lighter with your locks? Here’s how to get the best shade for you, inspired by some of our favorite blonde stars!


Ashley Benson


Shade: Honey blonde with highlights

Looks best on: Any skintone, since it’s a neutral colour

What to ask for: A neutral colour—not too ash, not too golden. You want it to be neutral, but still bright!

Maintenance: Low, since it blends with dark roots.


Rita Ora



Shade: Dark roots with baby blonde highlights

Looks best on: Deep or olive skintones

What to ask for: A multi-dimensional look with a golden blonde base and baby blonde and light blonde highlights.

Maintenance level: Low, up to three months between colourings.


Carrie Underwood


Shade: Natural golden blonde

Looks best on: Pale skintones and naturally dark blonde hair

What to ask for: A really natural tone-on-tone golden blonde colour with subtle highlights.

Maintenance level: Medium, 6-8 weeks.


Chloe Grace Moretz


Shade: Coppery auburn with highlights

Looks best on: Pale skin with warm undertones

What to ask for: A rich, warm coppery auburn colour with highlights for dimension

Maintenance level: Medium-high. Red hair tends to fade faster than blondes, so anywhere from 4-8 weeks between colourings.


Emma Stone


Shade: Flaxen blonde

Looks best on: Pale skintones with rosy undertones

What to ask for: A super baby blonde colour

Maintenance level: High, every 4 weeks to avoid roots


Hayden Panettiere


Shade: Honey blonde

Looks best on: Most medium skintones

What to ask for: A honey or toffee blonde colour

Maintenance level: Low, 8-10 weeks between colourings


Lauren Conrad


Shade: Modern blonde ombré

Looks best on: Any skintone, as long as you stay in the same colour family as your natural locks

What to ask for: A soft ombré that isn’t too dramatic

Maintenance level: Very low. You can let it grow out for as long as you want!


Miley Cyrus



Shade: Bleach blonde

Looks best on: Very fair skintones

What to ask for: A platinum blonde

Maintenance: Super high. If you can keep a short cut that’s best, since it needs to be done every few weeks.





Shade: Light golden blonde with dark roots

Looks best on: Olive skin tones

What to ask for: A dark base with tons of highlights. You can be blonde with a deeper skintone if you have some depth at the roots!

Maintenance: Low, since the roots actually make this colour look best.


Taylor Swift


Shade: Natural dark blonde

Looks best on: Warm skintones and naturally lighter hair

What to ask for: A rich, dark blonde without highlights

Maintenance: Medium, 5-6 weeks between colourings