Reds Partners with KEVIN.MURPHY


We are excited to announce that Reds have partnered with KEVIN.MURPHY to bring our clients the full range of exclusive KEVIN.MURPHY hair care, styling, and hair colour lines.


Kevin at work via Love Kevin Murphy

Since seeing him in action at Hair Expo Australia back in 2012, we’ve been major fans of Kevin Murphy.

With a long career spanning fashion, runway, editorial and film, Kevin is one of the world’s most respected and sought after hairstylists. Internationally recognised for his long list of celebrity clientele and countless pages of editorial work for high-end magazines, the Melbourne born hair stylist began his styling days as an apprentice in a Queensland salon and went on to train at the famous Vidal Sassoon in London.

More than a superstar stylist, Kevin is a committed environmentalist, applying his beliefs to his salons and product range. As a world first, all Kevin’s salons strive to be carbon neutral. He also runs The Green Salon Project, providing salons with practical solutions to reduce their energy consumption, carbon footprint and impact on the environment. His hair product range, KEVIN.MURPHY, is proudly sulphate and paraben free, made from sustainable resources, using pure essential oils, plant extracts and natural antioxidants. They are also certified by PETA as cruelty free.


image via Love Kevin Murphy

We can vouch that Kevin’s quest to be green hasn’t come at the expense of quality. His range of salon only hair care products was created by Kevin to meet his needs as an editorial hairstylist. Inspired by the philosophy of skin care, the luxurious KEVIN.MURPHY range of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling aids, caters for every hair type. And just incase you forget how to use your new product once you get home, the ingenious KEVIN.MURPHY product podcasts take the guess work out of hair styling, giving a simple how to guides for the entire product range.


image via Love Kevin Murphy

In 2015 Kevin launched COLOR.ME, a hair colour line born from his vision, fusing session work, fashion and hair colour. COLOR.ME delivers gorgeous, multi-tonal results using gentle and naturally derived ingredients. Continuing his commitment to environmental responsibility, all colours in the range are PPD free, Ammonia Free and use natural ingredients like aloe vera, honey, shea butter and pomegranate.

The exclusive KEVIN.MURPHY product range is available at Reds now. Your professional Reds stylist is happy to talk you through which products are right for you.


Great Gifts for Kids


Looking for a gift for the kid who has everything? Here are out top picks from Reds.
The Magic Flowerpot Tangle Teezer glides through even the knottiest hair with ease. This Tangle Teezer is small and easy for children to hold. Use the pot to store hair clips and bobbles. You can even personalise by popping a picture in too. ~ $39.00
The Invisabobble is a ponytail holder that won’t crease your hair, holds your style in place without pulling and doesn’t tangle with dry or wet hair. ~ $15.00
For kids who struggle with tangles Eleven Miracle Hair Cream is a life saver. It also prevents split ends, creates soft shiny hair and smells amazing. ~ $32.00

Splurge & Steal: Perfect Gift Ideas from Reds


From stocking fillers to luxury gifts, our friendly Reds team can help you track down the perfect present. Here are our top picks for affordable and luxury holiday gift ideas available at Reds.


Kevin Murphy Minis


We have a limited selection of the popular Kevin Murphy mini styling lotions available including Motion Lotion. Motion Lotion is a curl enhancer and frizz controller, all in one weightless lotion. This gorgeous product is just $9 and makes a fantastic gift for those with curly locks.

Kevin Murphy travel size Fresh Hair Dry Cleaning Spray & Session Styling Finishing Spray 


These handy little products would be a welcome addition to any woman’s handbag. The Fresh Hair Dry Cleaning Spray gives body and texture while removing excess oil, while the Session Styling Finishing Spray provides a firm, weightless and lasting hold, both for only $20 each.

Sugar Hair Bun Maker 


Perfect for an easy summer up-do. With excellent online tutorials available, these make these a great pick for anyone with long hair at just $12.99.

L’Oreal Professionel Hair Chalk


Great for that New Years Eve party, these wipe on – wipe off colours are fun and fantastic for just one night. Available in a range of colours for only $25, they make the perfect stocking stuffer for any party girl.

Eleven Miracle Hair & Three Minute Repair Treatment Pack

Miracle Hair Treatment High Res.jpg3 Minute Repair Treatment Tube High Res copy.jpg

These amazing products do it all, including protecting your hair from the rigours of heat styling, chlorine and salt water. They detangle and soften and also contain a sunscreen….the list goes on! And for a limited time we have both these cult treatments available together for just $40.



Kevin Murphy Styling Products


All KEVIN.MURPHY products, are proudly sulphate and paraben free, made from sustainable resources, using pure essential oils, plant extracts and natural antioxidants. They are also certified by PETA as cruelty free. We can vouch that Kevin’s quest to be green hasn’t come at the expense of quality. From just $48, this range of salon only hair care products caters for every hair type.

Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector 


Olaplex will make your hair stronger, healthier, and your colour will last longer. Using Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector for $49 at home once a week will maintain strength, structure, integrity, softness and shine between salon visits.

L’Oreal Professionnel Styling Trio


The L’Oreal Professionnel Styling Trio is a complete home haircare system that features innovative molecular precision technology. Packs are available for all hair types and at just $58 a real bargain this Christmas.

Kerastase Masque


Keratase has developed professional hair masques for all hair types. From $65 these luxury masques have been designed to condition, nourish, add volume, strengthen, & boost hair colour.

Professional Heat Styling Tools



A good quality hair straight styler or hairdryer is at the top of any girls’ Christmas wish list. We have a limited number of the coveted GHD Platinum stylers available for $279.  We also have fabulous Wahl SupaDryer hairdryers available for just $129.


All of these fab products are available at Reds now. And to make it easier for you during the silly season, if you can’t get up to see us, give us a call with your Credit Card number and we can courier your new products straight to you!

Merry Christmas from the team at Reds!


Olaplex is Here!



If you’re colouring your hair you should be using Olaplex, not only because people like Tracey Cunningham and Aura Friedman swear by it (and have the Instagrams to prove it), but because it works.

First, the science: Olaplex is an additive that eliminates the bad reaction oxygen has with broken sulfite bonds in chemically treated hair that leads to breakage. And like the Big Bang, penicillin, and other scientific things of significance, it was discovered almost by accident. Olaplex founder and beauty industry veteran Dean Christal was in the process of developing a silicone-based alternative to Moroccan oil (soon to be available as well!) when he met with UC Santa Barbara’s Dr. Craig Hawker—one of the world’s leading chemistry Ph.D’s—in hopes of completing the process. After solving Christal’s first problem, Hawker asked as an aside “What is the holy grail of hair product development?”

“I had no idea what to tell him,” Christal says. “So I said if a beauty company could keep chemical treatments from hurting hair, that’d really be something. He said he’d call me if he had any ideas, I wrote my phone number down, and walked out of his office. He literally called me 10 minutes later and said to come back the next day. When I came back, he and his partner Dr. Eric Presley handed me a jar of Olaplex that they had cooked on a hot plate in their garage lab the night before.”

If you immediately said “That sounds a lot like Breaking Bad,” you’d be right—Olaplex has had something of an immediate and addictive effect on the industry. One year into its publicly available life, it’s already in 7,000 salons around the world.

Available at Reds Hairdressing now, ask your Reds stylist about Olaplex at your next colour service.

Kerastase Densifique


Kpresse Densifique

Kérastase Paris Densifique Density Activator is a daily at-home programme designed to significantly improve hair density. It contains the powerful blend of Stemoxydine®, which helps encourage new hair growth, texturising polymers, which instantly make the hair feel fuller and more dense, and vitamins B3, B5 and B6 to help reduce hair loss, regulate sebum and strengthen the hair fibre. 

Our female reviewer, Lynn is in her mid fifties. Like many women in her fifties, Lynn has noticed her hair is thinning and wants to add more volume and density to her hair.

Lynn was instructed to apply the product to their scalp once a day when her hair was dry or towel-dried for a month.

Here is a pic of Lynn’s hair now:


Keep posted to see when Lynn updates us with her progress at the end of the 30 day period.



The Perfect Little Gift: Kérastase Couture Minis



Here at Reds we have come to know and love the fabulous Kérastase Couture Styling range. And just in time for the holiday season Kérastase have released their own mini range of Kérastase Couture styling products.

For the hard-to-buy-for, these cute little mini’s make a luxurious yet very affordable gift. Perfect for travel, they pack easily into your cosmetics bag for the coming summer holidays. They’re also small enough to safely (and legally) pack into your carry-on luggage if you’re planning on holidaying further afield.

At just $15 these are a real steal. Available at Reds for a limited time, get your hands on this exclusive deal now!

Great 2nd Day Hair


You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t wash your hair every day to avoid drying out the hair and reducing colour fade. However many people ignore this advice as 2nd day hair can be greasy, shiny and kinky from the previous day’s styling.

To help you get through, here are our 5 best tips for great hair without a shampoo.

  1. Great 2nd day hair is based on great 1st day hair. If your hair is naturally oily, after you wash use a dry shampoo like Kerastase Powder Bluff or root lifting mousse like Kerastase Lift Vertige to soak up any excess oil. The first day is also the best day to wear your hair down to avoid creating kinks from elastics and clips.imgresimages
  2. On 2nd day hair, use a smoothing serum like Kerastase Nectar Thermique to smooth away any flyaways that have developed. As an added bonus it also acts as a heat protectant to protect your hair while heat styling.imgres-1
  3. To smooth away any kinks use a heat styling tool like a curling wand or hair straight styler on any affected strands to redefine and refresh your style.
  4. For thick hair kinks can be harder to tame. Using a misting bottle of water to dampen kinky strands and then blow-drying the affected sections will work wonders.
  5. Finally a dry shampoo on day two is great for absorbing excess oils and creating a matte finish. It’s especially effective for fringes and the sections around the face, which are often oilier than the rest of the hair. We love Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair.imgres-2

Top Signs You’re Due For a New ’Do


Some women have bad hair days. Others have bad hair years. Read on to determine if it’s time to refresh your style and get out of that hair rut.

1. You’ve gone big time; your hair hasn’t

As a general rule, any lifestyle change that necessitates a new wardrobe also necessitates a new hair style. Dry, unruly and over-highlighted hair doesn’t pair well with a power suit. A shorter, more even-toned style will do your professional image a world of good; adding a fringe or layers can also shape up your locks.

2. Your locks lack personality and volume

For most women, flat hair is rarely flattering. Removing excess length is one way to banish the limp look, but if your hair is healthy and you love the length, a quick pick-me-up may be all you need. If you always wear it straight, ask your Reds stylist to show you how to style it into loose curls. If you have fine hair, invest in lightweight products like the Kerastase Volumactive range. And when you want real volume, great hair dryer is unvaluable, coming with various nozzles allow you to achieve different levels of body, wave and curl.

3. You haven’t made ch-ch-changes in more than a decade

If you haven’t changed your style since high school, your look almost certainly needs a revamp. For those resistant to change, remember that a subtle transformation can yield as much impact as a total makeover—or at least warm you up for more dramatic changes in the future. Start with baby steps, such as face-framing highlights or a soft, eye-grazing fringe.

4. You’re a ponytail-loving gal for all occasions

Yes, there are many variations of the pony—from the messy and gym-appropriate, to the sleek and side-parted evening coif—however, if this is your signature look, it could be time for a change. Asking your Reds stylist for a cut that looks great up and down, means you can mix it up a little, even if it’s only on the weekends.

5. Your hair products expired in 1982

What’s in your bathroom cabinet? If you’ve been using the same dried out gel and watery mousse for years, going on decades, it’s time to assess your styling situation. On the other hand, if you own so many products that you can’t possibly put them all to good use, consider reorganising your cosmetics and weeding out the unsavories. Most beauty products expire 12 months after opening, but toss anything that smells funny, feels unusually sticky or goopy, or has changed colour. Use this spring cleaning exercise as an excuse to stock up on some fabulous brand-new goodies.

Kerastase Initialiste: The Trial



Kerastase has just released Initialiste, an advanced scalp and hair concentrate that promises more beautiful hair by treating the scalp and hair fibre. A result of 24 years of research and 10 publications, Initialiste is a revolutionary formulation inspired by skin care and based on stem cell research and plant-based biotechnology.

Suitable for all hair types, Initialiste promises thicker, fuller and shinier hair in 7 days. Within a month it claims to reduce hair breakage by 93%, improving hair quality and making hair stronger to the root.

Here at Reds we thought these huge claims should be put to the test. We have enlisted Reds client Joana, as our trial subject.

Joana’s hair was dry and sensitised from lightening and heat styling. After one month Joana has noticed a huge difference to the health of her hair:

“I’ve been using Kerastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate for about a month now. Diana recommended it because my hair (particularly the layers in front) never seem to grow since I blow dry and flat iron on a daily basis. My verdict: I love it…. My hair looks shinier, its definitely thicker and it has actually grown a little bit too! This product has transformed my hair from frizzy/dull looking to shiny and radiant. I will definitely be buying another bottle when this one runs out!”

Joana: Before and After

Joana: Before and After

After seeing such great results with our clients, many of the Reds team have begun using Initialiste and have also seen huge improvements to their hair’s shine, strength and volume.

So if you’ve been searching for a miracle product for thicker, shinier and stronger hair, Initialiste will definitely impress.

Watch for more before and after footage with Initialiste.


Disaster Proof Hair: Our top product for keeping your hair looking good no matter what


Wow, Mother Nature has really given Wellington a hard time lately! The Reds team hopes all of our wonderful clients and your friends and families, have got through this crazy time with your homes, belongings – and nerves (!) – intact.

As professional hair stylists, the storm, power outages and now the earthquakes, got us thinking about what product we would use to keep our hair looking good even when the power goes out. One product sprang to mind: Spilt Milk Mineral Hair Powder.


For those who haven’t heard about this product, Spilt Milk was created for busy women who are in-between shampoos, colours or blow dries. It’s made from Australian clays and minerals straight from Mother Earth herself, making it naturally preserved and completely free of dyes, alcohol, and artificial colours.

Spilt Milk Mineral Hair Powder will absorb excess oil, help disguise re-growth (including greys), extend the life of your blow dry and bring body and life back into your mane so you can look, smell, and feel fabulous – all without the need for washing or heat styling.


Coming in shades that will keep blonde, light and dark brunette, red-head, copper-haired and black-haired women looking fresh, your Reds stylist is professionally trained to determine which shade is right for you and can give you personalised advice on how to use Spilt Milk Mineral Powder.

So while our fingers are crossed that we get a break from storms and earthquakes for a while, this product is definitely a must-have for busy women – even when Mother Nature is being kind to us!