The Reds team is excited to announce we’ve added the ELEVEN product range to our salon.

What is ELEVEN?

The ELEVEN range began with Miracle Hair Treatment launched in 2011. After Miracle Hair Treatment developed a cult following, ELEVEN expanded to offer a comprehensive 27 product range, catering to all hair needs.

ELEVEN Creative Directors are Australian icons and leaders in the hair industry – three-time Australian Hairdresser of the Year, Joey Scandizzo, and Australian Photographer of the Year, Andrew O’Toole. Working in the salon, photo shoots and runways; Joey felt the need for a range his staff and clients could easily understand. Together, they helped create ELEVEN.

ELEVEN’s Philosophy

ELEVEN’s haircare philosophy is simple: Haircare doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to work. ELEVEN’s product names tell you what they do, making it easy to pick the right product for your hair needs.

ELEVEN’s effective products use naturally luxurious ingredients. Ingredients like Avocado Oil, Organic Cucumber, Papaya Extract, Australian Macadamia Nut Oil, Silk Amino Acids and Organic Argan Oil work to penetrate the hair fibre and nourish your hair from the inside out.

With PETA approval, 100% recyclable packaging and paraben free formulas, what’s not to love?! Your Reds Stylist can advise you on what ELEVEN products are right for you.