(L-R) Caitlin Ryan, Kayla Imrie, Jaimee Lovett and Aimee Fisher pose during the New Zealand Olympic teams Rio 2016 Olympic Games portrait session at QBE Stadium on February 12, 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Michael Bradley/Getty Images via www.olympic.org.nz).

While we’ve seen more hair don’ts than hair dos at the Rio 2016 Olympics, all this sport got us thinking about how we can keep our hair looking good when we’re out breaking a sweat. Whether you’re a dedicated fitness fanatic or just like to exercise now and then, here are some products available at Reds to protect your hair and keep it looking good.


In the pool

aqua-seal-main.pngWhile nearly all the Olympians we’ve seen have been hiding their locks under swimming caps, we’re sure all that chlorine is wreaking havoc with their hair. For those of us who love to swim Kérastase has developed Aqua-Seal, a fantastic product to protect your hair from pool chemicals.

Nearly as good as those Olympic swim caps, Aqua-Seal coats each individual strand with its specially designed waterproof protective barrier, keeping your hair soft and your colour vibrant.


On the run

The wind and sun here in Wellington can be particularly harsh, meaning that runners havehuile-lactee-main.png to battle to maintain healthy hair. For hair sensitised by exposure to the elements, Kérastase has developed the Soleil range of products.

The Soleil range brings dry and frizzy hair under control, keeping your hair smooth and soft without weighing it down. To protect your hair from the UV rays Kérastase has developed Huil Lactée, a protective UV mist to protect sun exposed hair, perfect for sun worshippers.


In the gym

Apart from a total overload of hair clips and sparkly scrunchies, most of the gymnastic competitors’ hairstyles have been limited to the predictable but oh so practical ponytail. Even when we do sport a ponytail, a common hair complaint at the gym is sweaty, frizzy hair, which has to be re-washed and re-blow dried after each workout.


To prevent this post workout frizz, we love the Kerastraight Smoothing system, which keeps your hair smooth, meaning no need to re-wash and blow dry, cutting down your post workout change time.


Available at Reds, these products and services will keep your hair looking great, whether you’re a professional athlete or just a weekend sportsperson. Ask your stylist for your personalized workout regime hair tips.