There are a few decisions in life which warrant research and time. Purchasing a house, moving to a new city, and finally, changing your hair colour. We’re not referring to a few highlights in a brighter tone, we’re talking about an actual colour change: blonde to red, dark brown to platinum, light brown to pastel pink. The key to a stress-free overhaul is to know exactly what you’re in for, before you take the plunge. Take note.

Know your skin tone
Your hair and skin go hand in hand. The colour of your hair has the ability to make your skin look like it’s just had relaxing holiday, or alternatively, like you’re combating the latest illness going around the office. The general rule is warmer colours suit warmer skin tones and cooler, ashy tones suit cooler skin tones.

Maintain it
While pre-colour your hair may have only needed a wash every other day, your new do may warrant a little more TLC. Your shampoo and products like leave-in conditioner will all change. If you’re going from dark to light, it will weaken your hair so you need products that are protein based to strengthen the hair. Keep in mind that heat styling can lift pigment out of the hair, so limit blowdries to no more than twice per week and use a good heat protection spray.

Good condition
You wouldn’t attempt a marathon without being in peak performance, so the same applies when prepping for colour. Strands need to be in optimal condition before the overhaul otherwise, you may find your hairs condition rapidly deteriorates after colour is applied…or worse, breaks. The condition of the hair is paramount, a colour will hold and look shiny and healthy if the condition is there.

Shock factor
When colour is first done, it’s a big shock. When hair is wet, it looks darker. Within the first three or four washes, it will change. A drastic colour change does demand some ‘live-in’ time. If your initial reaction is to book in for another appointment to reverse it, then give it a day or two and chances are you’ll warm to your new look. When your colour is done by a professional we find people who are initially shocked they do settle into it and quickly begin to love it.  And if all else fails, the beauty of hair is that you can go back to the original in a matter of hours.