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Want to try the bob without lopping your hair off? Here’s how to fake it!

1. Take a small hair doughnut (see pic below if you’re not sure what a hair doughnut is) and cut it so it is no longer a round circle, but a long tube instead.


2. Divide your hair in half above the ears horizontally, clipping the top section up.

3. Now working with the bottom section, loop all your strands under the tube as you would with a heated roller, rolling under and upwards, and then pinning the hair and tube to your scalp.

4. Release the top section, smooth with a brush, then (ensuring the hair is distributed evenly over the tube) tuck it under the lower section and pin. Be sure you insert pins under and upwards so they’re hidden.

5. If you can, tuck one side behind the ear; it makes the bob look believable. And use lots of hairspray!