Anyone with fine hair has encountered a time like this: you spend a good amount of time blowdrying your hair, trying to put volume in it – using a styling iron, hairspray, the whole sha-bang, only to have it all lay completely flat and limp the second you finish styling it (or if you’re lucky, 30 minutes later).

Here’s the thing – fine hair is very stubborn and doesn’t like to let you over do it. But don’t despair, fine hair can be styled too! Here are some of the main things to avoid to stop fine hair will laying flat after you’ve styled it.


1. Using too much product

Have you ever blown out your hair with very little product in it? Sometimes that works even better than using large amounts of product that will end up weighing down your hair instead. Usually picking just one or two products is best when styling fine hair. Our choice would be a light root lift spray like Kératsase Lift Vertige,Kevin Murphy Full Again or KM Body Builder.


2. Over drying it

When you dry your hair to the point where it starts to static a bit, you’ve gone too far – it won’t do anything but stick straight up or completely flat. You need to wet it a bit and start over.


3. Tugging too hard with a brush

If you use too much tension with your brush, you’ll pull your hair too tight and make your hair lose its elasticity. Not only will this end up causing breakage, but it means that it’s been accidentally pulled straight and now won’t hold any type of curl no matter how much heat or product you use. You have to wet it again and start over to get the elasticity back.



So, the key with fine hair is to not over do it. Don’t pull too hard, don’t over dry it, and don’t use too much product and you’ll have great hair in no time!