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From the catwalk to Cochella, flower crowns are everywhere right now. While they  might look complicated, they’re surprisingly easy to make yourself.


Using either fresh, dried or good quality fake flowers, florist wire and a long piece of ribbon, here’s our how to guide (it involves 17 steps, but it’s easier than it looks!):


1. Pick flowers you love (and that go with your outfit) to create your flower crown. You’ll need a mix of smaller ‘filler’ flowers and larger statement flowers.cos-01-flowercrown-de

2. Cut ten 15cm pieces of thin florist wire, and a few 10cm pieces, so that you have them at the ready as you build your crown.


3. Pick and cut your starting filler greenery. Leave a long stem, so you have a base to build from.

cos-03-flowercrown-de4. Wrap a smaller piece of wire around the first flower to make sure it’s secure and sturdy. Make sure this starting piece is extra long, as you’ll be securing the ribbon to tie it on later.

cos-05-flowercrown-de5. Cut more filler and add the filler, as well as a smaller bunch of flowers 2 or 3cm behind the starter stem. Continue to wrap the florist wire around the stems to secure them.


7. Voila! Your starting piece of your flower crown is finished! Make sure you have a stem sticking out of the bottom so that you have something to keep building from. Now, add the statement flowers!

cos-09-flowercrown-de8. Choose your statement flower. Snip most of the stem off, leaving some of it so that you can fish the wire through to eventually keep it facing forward.


9. Push the wire through the stem and out of the center of the flower.

gkX1G710. Bend a hook at the end of the wire, and then pull the wire toward yourself, so the hook hangs onto the middle of the flower, anchoring it.


11. Wrap the wire around the stems of your previous filler, making sure the flower faces out along the arch of the crown.


12. Continue adding more filler, wrapping the wire around the stems, followed by another statement flower.


13. This is what the underside of your crown should look like. Remember to always make sure you leave the stems jutting out, so that you have something to keep building on.


14. Repeat steps two to seven till your crown fits just over half way around your head. Create an identical end piece to attach to the opposite end of your flower crown to finish it.


15. Tie on your ribbon by taking a 60 cm long piece of ribbon, creating a loop around your green starter stem, and sliding the ends of the ribbon through it. Then, secure it by tying a knot around the loop you just created to keep it from unraveling. Then, let the rest of the ribbon to hang. Repeat on the other side.


16. Choose how you’d like to wear your flower crown and tie it just below the crown of your head in a bow or knot.


17. Enjoy your new, fresh, gorgeous accessory!