Having researched the rituals of friends and family in her native France, Mireille Guiliano, former CEO of Clicquot Inc and best-selling writer of French Women Don’t Get Fat, is back with her fourth book in the series, French Women Don’t Get Facelifts: The Secret of Aging With Style & Attitude. Speaking in Wellington recently, Mireille shared her tips for aging with attitude.

“In France we have the saying ‘life starts at 50,’ and we really mean it. There are so many insecurities and challenges that we don’t have anymore. We have others, but we have also become wiser, more mature and experienced. And we can still feel young, alluring and seductive.”

While Mireille admits that gravity exists for all of us, she believes that wrinkles should be low on our list of beauty priorities. Instead, her tips for aging with attitude are straightforward – encouraging us to drink lots of water, eat a balanced diet, find a form of exercise that is both enjoyable and sustainable, pick our indulgences and to incorporate more laughter into our lives.

The common thread is to feel optimistic while being realistic. Guiliano says: “We can do quite a few things to slow down the aging process, but we can’t look young forever. You can feel like you’re still 20, but don’t pretend to be, because it’s not believable.”

Finally, when it comes to aging well Guiliano says that building and maintaining connections and relationships are just as important as nutrition and exercise. “Life should be about laughter and love. If you have one, all is well. If you have both, you are invincible.”