Some women have bad hair days. Others have bad hair years. Read on to determine if it’s time to refresh your style and get out of that hair rut.

1. You’ve gone big time; your hair hasn’t

As a general rule, any lifestyle change that necessitates a new wardrobe also necessitates a new hair style. Dry, unruly and over-highlighted hair doesn’t pair well with a power suit. A shorter, more even-toned style will do your professional image a world of good; adding a fringe or layers can also shape up your locks.

2. Your locks lack personality and volume

For most women, flat hair is rarely flattering. Removing excess length is one way to banish the limp look, but if your hair is healthy and you love the length, a quick pick-me-up may be all you need. If you always wear it straight, ask your Reds stylist to show you how to style it into loose curls. If you have fine hair, invest in lightweight products like the Kerastase Volumactive range. And when you want real volume, great hair dryer is unvaluable, coming with various nozzles allow you to achieve different levels of body, wave and curl.

3. You haven’t made ch-ch-changes in more than a decade

If you haven’t changed your style since high school, your look almost certainly needs a revamp. For those resistant to change, remember that a subtle transformation can yield as much impact as a total makeover—or at least warm you up for more dramatic changes in the future. Start with baby steps, such as face-framing highlights or a soft, eye-grazing fringe.

4. You’re a ponytail-loving gal for all occasions

Yes, there are many variations of the pony—from the messy and gym-appropriate, to the sleek and side-parted evening coif—however, if this is your signature look, it could be time for a change. Asking your Reds stylist for a cut that looks great up and down, means you can mix it up a little, even if it’s only on the weekends.

5. Your hair products expired in 1982

What’s in your bathroom cabinet? If you’ve been using the same dried out gel and watery mousse for years, going on decades, it’s time to assess your styling situation. On the other hand, if you own so many products that you can’t possibly put them all to good use, consider reorganising your cosmetics and weeding out the unsavories. Most beauty products expire 12 months after opening, but toss anything that smells funny, feels unusually sticky or goopy, or has changed colour. Use this spring cleaning exercise as an excuse to stock up on some fabulous brand-new goodies.