Soft curls are timeless, romantic and seemingly effortless. Here’s how to achieve a style that frames the faces while remaining fresh and free-flowing.



Step 1.

13914048_618012155036653_1492650294021721740_o.jpgApply 1-2 pumps of Elixir Ultime oil to the lengths of freshly washed and dried hair. 


Step 2.


Using a 2- or 3-inch curling wand, take evenly sized sections of hair and curl, starting 3 inches from the root. 

Step 3.

Let the curls cool in your hand before moving on to the next section. For extra hold, apply a quick spray of Kérastase Laque Couture to individual curls. 

Step 4.

Brush out curls with fingers spread apart. 

Step 5.

Use a soft bristle brush to undo curls even more, creating cascading waves.


Images via Kérastase