Ah, New Year’s, where everyone grabs a sheet of paper and writes down resolutions; words that after a few weeks lose their intensity. Yes, I include myself in the masses, but this year I  have but one resolution: great hair for 2014.

Now don’t get me wrong, my hair isn’t (always) a complete disaster, but I seem to always fall into a few hair traps that keep me from truly fab, great hair. With these resolutions I’m guaranteed to avoid bad hair days all year.

1. I will deep condition once a week


It only takes a few minutes, but whenever I take the time to deep condition I notice the difference and so does everyone else! I’ve tried a few different treatments and just can’t beat anything from the Kérastase range of deep conditioning masques.

2. I will wear sunscreen


As a bit of a sun worshipper, I’m pretty good at remembering to use sunscreen on my skin, but my hair is almost always forgotten. This means by the end of summer my hair is badly damaged by all that sun,salt  and chlorine exposure. Because prevention is better than the cure, this year I’m going to invest in some products from the Kérastase Soliel range so that my hair doesn’t closely resemble straw by the end of February.

3. I won’t skip the heat protectant


When I’m rushed I often forgo the heat protectant when heat styling my hair. One too many styling sessions without the protectant can leave my hair noticeably more brittle and dry. I love Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique, which doesn’t only guard against heat and friction, but makes my hair shiny and incredibly soft. From now on I will always take the time to protect my hair when heat styling.

4. I will invest in the right tools


Investing in the right tools for the job, instead of making do with some random brushes and clips, will mean I can style my hair without damage and my ‘do will come together more quickly and look better than ever before. My flat iron wasn’t designed to last forever either, so I think it’s time to toss it in the garbage and shop for a fabulous new one.

5. I will leave colouring to the professionals

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.08.35 AM

As a (not-so-natural) blonde my colour does require some regular upkeep to avoid too much tell-tale regrowth. In the past I’ve tried to save some cash by doing my roots at home. Sadly, as I’m not a trained colourist, my attempts at home hair colour have inevitably gone wrong – think Ronald Mcdonald – eeek! This year I swear to leave colouring to the professionals to avoid any further disasters.

6. I will rebook my next appointment in advance

My hair never looks better than after a visit to the salon. While committing to the regular cost of booking in every six weeks can be a bit scary, I always regret leaving it too long between visits. To keep my hair in tip top shape, I’m going to invest in good hair by always rebooking my next appointment.