You heard it here first!!

Here is a blog we published in October last year predicting Lordes success.

With the amount of international success the 16 year old from Auckland is currently enjoying, Lorde is definitely on the fast track to superstardom. Currently at holding the first, second and third spots simultaneously on the New Zealand billboard charts, Lorde also holds the #1 spot on the U.S. charts with her smash hit single “Royals”.

Quickly becoming a teen style icon, Lorde describes her look as “a goth witch vibe”, favouring dark colours, full length dresses and vintage op shop pieces over the super revealing outfits sported by her pop star peers. “If I’m going to dress up, I like things that are quite long and classic. I like feeling dressed up and like a lady. I also have this obsession with disgustingly chunky sneakers and shoes. That’s what stagewear is about for me—I’ve got to feel strong and feel like I can command attention.”


Rocking her naturally curly style with confidence, Lorde reminds us all how beautiful curls can be. For those lucky enough to have naturally curly hair like Lorde, it’s important to use products like Kérastase Oléo Curl, to nourish and define natural curls. And for those looking to imitate her look, curling wands and crimping irons will help you create the thick, beachy waves Lorde is famous for.

With her unique style, huge musical talent and #1 US billboard single, Lorde’s star is shining bright. With her debut album Pure Heroine already reaching Platinum status here and in Australia, we predict even bigger things for this new princess of pop.