You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t wash your hair every day to avoid drying out the hair and reducing colour fade. However many people ignore this advice as 2nd day hair can be greasy, shiny and kinky from the previous day’s styling.

To help you get through, here are our 5 best tips for great hair without a shampoo.

  1. Great 2nd day hair is based on great 1st day hair. If your hair is naturally oily, after you wash use a dry shampoo like Kerastase Powder Bluff or root lifting mousse like Kerastase Lift Vertige to soak up any excess oil. The first day is also the best day to wear your hair down to avoid creating kinks from elastics and clips.imgresimages
  2. On 2nd day hair, use a smoothing serum like Kerastase Nectar Thermique to smooth away any flyaways that have developed. As an added bonus it also acts as a heat protectant to protect your hair while heat styling.imgres-1
  3. To smooth away any kinks use a heat styling tool like a curling wand or hair straight styler on any affected strands to redefine and refresh your style.
  4. For thick hair kinks can be harder to tame. Using a misting bottle of water to dampen kinky strands and then blow-drying the affected sections will work wonders.
  5. Finally a dry shampoo on day two is great for absorbing excess oils and creating a matte finish. It’s especially effective for fringes and the sections around the face, which are often oilier than the rest of the hair. We love Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair.imgres-2