Here’s a new trend that’s not quite visible (if you’re doing it right) – colour correcting. This trend throws it back all the way to the basic principles of colour theory.

When applied in teeny-tiny doses, shades like red, green, and yellow can create a neutral and radiant complexion, providing an even canvas, so you can use less concealer and foundation.

For Dark Circles 
Maybe it’s from late nights or simply genetics, but dark circles can creep up unexpectedly. Fight your instinct to load up on concealer; it can give your skin a greyish cast and actually enhance the look of dark under-eyes. Instead, try neutralising and brightening the area.

First, choose a shade that’s right for your skin tone. Colour-correcting products in light pink are best for fair skin, peach shades work well on medium complexions, and reds are ideal for deeper tones. Opposite from blue on the colour wheel, these shades will camouflage any evidence of your restless night.

Paint the product in lash-like strokes (or dots) beneath both eyes. Next, use your ring finger to lightly tap the product into your skin. This eliminates unnecessary tugging on the delicate skin around your eyes and also helps warm up the product, so it sinks into your skin as opposed to sitting on top. Then apply the rest of your base makeup as you would normally, making sure to pat around your under-eye area so you don’t shift the base.

For Flushed Skin
Using only concealer to mask a flushed complexion is very difficult. Consider trying to paint a colourful wall white. You need a base layer to truly hide that bright shade. The same concept applies to your skin.

For very red areas dab on a green colour corrector, where the redness naturally occurs, such as around the nostrils and blend it out with your fingers.

For more mild areas, try a creamy yellow corrector. Apply a few swipes anywhere your complexion looks a little red, then blend them out using your fingers or a stippling brush.

Pat on your usual base makeup, again taking care not to shift the colour-correcting layer, and finish with the look of your choice.