Wanting a quick change to your hair routine, but don’t want to commit to anything permanent? Here are five super easy tricks to update your look.

The Brushless Blow-Wave


Image via pageboy.co

Many clients tell us that D.I.Y. blowouts are tricky because of the hand-mirror-eye coordination required when working with a round brush and hair dryer. An easier approach? Just use your fingers. Brushless blow dries give an interesting appearance to the hair because the natural texture it creates. To create this look spritz damp hair with a heat protector and apply a root lifter to the roots of your hair to create body. Then use your hands to create tension as you blow dry all over.

The Braided Bun

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 9.58.45 am.png

Image via stylecaster.com

On a busy morning, it’s easy to fall back on a quick ponytail, but a braided bun is fresher—and just as easy. Prep your hair with a volumising product then pull hair up into a high or low ponytail. Make a braid and secure the end with a small elastic. Gently loosen up the braid, wrap it around to create a bun and pin in place.



Image via mikiandmod.com

Adding a statement clip to your hair is not only on-trend (the look was all over the spring runways), it takes all of 30 seconds to do— perfect for when you’re running from your desk to dinner.

Try a Loop


Image via advicefromatwentysomething.com

A loop is an easy change from the basic ponytail. It’s not too formal or structured, and it looks chic and put together.  For a sleek look, do a blowout then apply a hair serum like from mid-shaft to the ends for extra polish and shine. Pull your hair back and start to make a regular ponytail, but don’t pull the tail all the way through. Grab a piece of hair from the loop, wrap it around your elastic band and secure it with a pin.

Add a Bow


Image via babble.com

A simple black ribbon instantly elevates any hair-off-the-face look. For this style, apply a volumising product for fullness and grip before you pull your hair up. Rub some oil or a serum onto your ends for smoothness then tie on your ribbon. Voila!