It’s an interesting alchemy that’s often overlooked: the effect of your hair colour on your complexion. But believe it or not, the right colour can brighten your face, even out skin tone and make it look as if you’re bathed in candlelight – rather than harsh fluorescents.

Here at the Reds salon we recently saw a classic example of how a change of shade can make a real difference to a person’s skin’s tone, clarity and radiance.

The Challenge:


Caroline’s natural hair colour is a light “mousy brown”. She usually uses blonde highlights to lighten her overall colour. Over summer the lightened ends have bleached out a lot, while her darker roots have grown out. The overall effect emphasised redness in her complexion and made her skin look sallow.

The Fix: 


We decided to transform Caroline’s look by giving her a completely new shade. We sectioned off the hair and weaved through four different shades of red. The warm red shades make her skin more radiant and her blue eye colour pop. Flashes of bright orange-red bring a youthful edge to the colour. Most importantly, Caroline was thrilled with her new shade.


To keep her fabulous new colour vibrant it’s important Caroline uses products like L’Oreal Vitamino shampoo and conditioner (with 500ml pump packs on special for $35.00!),


sulphate-free Pureology hair care systems,


or Kerastase Reflection products, to prevent fading that is common when colouring over bleached hair.