Colouring at home may seem like the easier option, but achieving great hair colour is so much more complicated than following the five steps on the box! Fraught with problems, here are three main reasons why we say avoid box dyes forever:

Product Quality

There is a huge difference in quality between salon professional and supermarket hair colour. In salon, we tailor the developer and colour formula to your hair type, base colour and texture. A supermarket box has no idea if you’ve had a Kerastraight relaxer before, or if you’ve been previously lightened, or how porous your hair is. The colour isn’t always the same from box to box, and what you get may not even be what is on the box.

Wrong Colour

Without a professional stylists’ opinion, it can be difficult – if not impossible – to choose the colour that goes with your skin tone. People often choose colours that are too dark for their skin tone. Hair colour that is too dark makes us look older and harsh, even angry. Conversely, if you choose a colour that is too light it will make you look pale and washed out. Pictures on hair colour boxes can be deceiving, and without professional advice, even if the colour comes out fine, it may not look right on you.

Bad Application and Over-Processing

Without the expertise of a professional stylist, DIY hair colourists nearly always make mistakes in the application and processing of their colour. Most commonly, the telltale spot on the back of the head that almost everyone misses, and dark ends with light roots due to over-processing. Over-processing not only messes with your colour but can cause irreversible hair breakage and damage. Home colouring can also be messy, leaving spots on your skin and marks on clothes, towels and furnishings which are impossible to remove.

Our Reds colourists are professionally trained to achieve beautiful colour results every time. While home hair colouring may seem like the easier option, we strongly recommend you avoid the many potential pitfalls and leave it to the professionals!