While some children will happily have their hair washed, brushed and cut, for others it can be a battle. For those parents who struggle, here’s some tips to help keep your child’s hair clean and healthy.



Children don’t need to have their hair washed as frequently as adults as kid’s scalps don’t produce as much oil as adult scalps. Once or twice a week (and even less for curly or dry hair) should be enough to keep a child’s hair clean.

When washing a child’s hair, always use the mildest shampoo you can find. Tear-free products are especially good for very young children who may not be able to keep still as the shampoo is rinsed out.

If your child is seriously averse to having his or her hair washed, involve them in the process—let them squeeze out the shampoo, or do a little role reversal: let them wash your hair after you’ve done theirs.



Brushing out tangles is a constant battle for many parents. To reduce the pain of combing tangled hair, comb hair after it has been conditioned using a wide tooth comb. Start at the bottom of the hair, working your way up, holding on to the tangle near the scalp to stop the hair pulling as you comb out the knot.

When combing out knots in dry hair, a hair oil or spray on detangler will help to loosen the knots and condition the hair at the same time.

Once all the tangles are out and the hair is dry, a good quality bristle brush will smooth the hair and add shine.

Getting a Hair Cut


For some children, a trip to the salon is a big treat, for others it can be a bit frightening.

Preparing them by speaking to your child about what they can expect and making sure they aren’t hungry or tired before their appointment can make a huge difference.

Here at Reds our friendly stylists are specially trained to make your child’s feel safe and comfortable as they get their hair cut. We offer preschool, primary and Intermediate age styling services and all children receive a complimentary lollipop to top off their special trip to Reds.