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How to find the perfect – i.e. truly comfortable and desirable – shoe.

Quality not quantity is really the key:
The good news is that even a pair of high-heeled shoes, if well constructed, can be comfortable. The secret lies in having the right arch on the base of the form used to build up a shoe. Good quality shoe makers spend a lot of time fine-tuning the arch of their shoes, while lower quality shoes are unlikely to have spent the time to adjust the arch of the shoe so that it supports the wearer’s foot correctly.

There’s a trick to trying on shoes in store:
When trying on a pair of shoes you should feel the entire arch of your foot to be well supported by the shoes. If a shoe is well conceived and the weight of the body is equally distributed on the plantar arch it won’t hurt your feet. Badly constructed shoes direct the weight of your body to the front of the foot and leave the arch space between the foot and the shoe empty. Sadly no matter how beautiful the shoe, if this is the case you will be taking off your shoes after an hour or so because of pain. 

Walking around in your heels is an old but good trick:
For those not used to wearing heels, wearing a new pair around the house before going out is good practice. However if the quality and the construction is wrong, even the most expert walker will experience pain.

And to avoid getting sick of your shoes, invest in the classics:
A classic pump in black leather and a strappy black leather sandal are incredibly versatile and will remain wardrobe staples for years.