Long, thick, healthy hair is a wish of many of our clients. And while we can’t create longer, stronger hair overnight, over time these secrets are proven to create fuller, longer and healthier hair.

1. Eat. Foods rich in biotin, a B-complex vitamin, are ­essential for promoting hair growth. Try to eat a palm-size serving (try ­almonds, eggs, and avocado) daily. Also important: iron, which ­oxygenates ­follicles (eat it at each meal; oats, spinach, and ­hummus are chock-full), and daily servings of protein (chicken, fish, beans), hair’s primary building block.

2. Deep Cleanse. Buildup of excess oil, dead skin cells, and hair products can create ­inflammation and blockages, causing hair follicles to weaken. Remove buildup with a purifying shampoo like L’Oréal Professionnel’s Serie Expert Pure Resource shampoo, focusing on the hairline as well as the back of the scalp, where buildup tends to be heaviest. If dandruff is contributing to the inflammation, we recommend Clear Dose, L’Oréal Professionnel’s single dose anti-dandruff cleansing treatment.

3. Stimulate your scalp. A five-minute head massage once a week will promote circulation, and deliver oxygen and nutrients that stimulate your hairs’ stem cells, for more rapid hair growth.

4. Pop some pills. Over the counter dietary supplements high in collagen, zinc and vitamin A are an easy way to ensure optimum intake of nutrients that promote healthy hair growth.

6. Thwart thinning. Genes, high ­levels of stress, and hormonal shifts (like post-pregnancy and menopause), can cause thinning hair as early as your 30s. The Kérastase Densifique daily scalp treatment is clinically proven to boost hair density & fullness by increasing follicular activity to reveal over 1700 new hairs in three months of treatment.