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Wanting a bob but not ready for the big cut? Faux, silver screen-era bobs are all the rage for modern leading ladies like Kerry Washington and Claire Danes, who wore theirs to the Emmys, and Jessica Chastain, who went retro for opening night at the Metropolitan Opera.

The key to the look is length that hits the sweet spot — not too long and heavy that it won’t hold up, not too short that you can’t create volume at the bottom.

How To:

After you have blown out your hair and made a deep side part, you have two options, depending on the thickness of your hair.

Thick Hair

If you have very thick hair, take a small section of hair at the base of your head and braid two tight ‘corn rows’ against the nape of your neck. This gives you something to pin the top sections into. Flip the top sections of hair up and under and pin into your corn rows to secure.

Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, like Claire Danes, backcomb your hair at the nape into a pad. Lay the top of your hair over the backcombed pad and pin it under, into the backcomb.

Finish each style with shine-enhancing hairspray — matte, rough texture looks too messy on a style this ladylike.

Voilà! An instant, reversible cut that unfastens into cool waves for the after-party.