When it comes to brushes, not all bristles are created equal, particularly when it comes to the difference between synthetic, plastic hairbrushes and those with natural boar bristles.

You only need to brush your hair quickly with a synthetic brush to realise that it can create intense static in the hair, which in turn increases the chances of developing split ends and severely stresses the hair cuticle.

A natural boar bristle brush on the other hand, can make a world of difference. The stiff bristles of a natural boar brush are a secret weapon in the war against fluffy, frizzy hair, doing wonders to lift the natural oils from the scalp and redistribute them throughout the hair (hence the shine). Boar bristles also act to stretch out the hair, smooth the cuticles and absorb heat, while the wooden base of the brush absorbs moisture and helps to prevent the risk of scorching hair when blow-drying. Gently gripping the hair, they are great at detangling. The bristles also gently massage your scalp, increasing blood flow to your hair follicles.

So what type of bristle brush is right for you? If your hair is short, opt for shorter bristle length. If you have fine hair, opt for a soft to medium bristle brush with sporadically placed or spiralled bristles. Perfectly aligned rows of bristles are designed for those with thicker, denser hair; the stiffer the bristle, the more you’ll be stretching and straightening while you brush. Boar bristle and nylon mix brushes are exceptional for styling hair. They grasp every hair and keep the tension in the hair so are perfect for when you are heat styling.

Good quality brushes make styling your hair quicker and easier. You now have little excuse for not keeping your hair strands satisfied and your split ends in check.