Summer is officially here and it brings with it a ridiculous amount of social events and trips here, there and everywhere. Take the stress out of packing this holiday season by following the five tips below.

1. The checklist
One of the easiest ways to take the stress out of packing for long and short trips is to create the ultimate checklist before you start! Segment it into categories including the following:

• Must haves: passport, itinerary, medications, phone
• Travel essentials: notebook & pen, phone charger, headphones, camera, eyewear, perfume
• Outfits: casual, sport, luxe, beach, sleep
• Accessories: a hat, beauty favourites, a towel, jewellery, shoes
• To do list: washing, check-in online, buy a new book

2. Plan your outfits
Although trips can be unpredictable at times, you can definitely be prepared for all occasions when you travel without taking your whole wardrobe. Keep it simple and make sure you have all your essentials covered including: a basic T-shirt, a blazer & leather jacket, denim shorts,  jeans, a floaty blouse, a statement dress, sandals, sneakers & a pair of heels. This selection of staples gives you the base to be able to dress for all occasions with ease.

If you know your trip is going to be all glamour and cocktail parties, add in your favourite dress, or if it’s going to be relaxing at the beach watching the sun set, add in a maxi dress and an extra swimsuit. Keep your packing calculated and realistic to keep your trip stress free.

Tip: You will always need more tops than bottoms, so make sure you pack two times more tops than bottoms, to keep you looking fresh.

3. Go mini
Beauty & cosmetic products are some of the heaviest and hardest pieces to pack when you travel. Avoid the stress by investing in travel-sized essentials that you can grab every time you travel. The same goes for your perfume, indulge in a travel sized version. It allows you more room for those new pieces you will treat yourself to on the trip!

4. Create order
When you’re ready to start packing, make sure you create some order. Fold your clothing into either outfits or categories e.g. tops, pants, dresses and try to keep them all in one section of your suitcase. Invest in a suitcase that has multiple zipped compartments to avoid everything getting mixed up. Pack your shoes in their garment bags where possible and all your cosmetics in toiletry bags. Try your best to keep everything in its own place and avoid having loose items – it makes packing and unpacking much easier.

5. Get inventive
When you travel, you have to get a little inventive in order to squeeze in all your essentials. Below are a few tips:

• Save space by stuffing your hat with a  jumper. This protects your hat from getting squashed and makes your jumper easy to access.
• Keep all your lingerie and underwear in a lightweight garment bag, this saves all your small essentials spilling out across your luggage and is easy to pull in and out of your bag daily.
• To keep your favourite belt in prime condition & shape when you travel, tie it around a towel before you pop it in your bag.

Overall, planning and prep is the best way to keep your packing and trip stress free, giving you more time to enjoy the summer silly season with your friends and family.

Safe and happy Travels!