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Dry shampoo is a powder that you can spray or sprinkle on your hair to soak up excess oil and make your hair look clean without washing. Perfect for people who want to keep their colour looking vibrant for as long as possible, and for those who don’t have time to wash and style their hair everyday, once you have the hang of dry shampoo, you’ll realise it’s a  total game-changer. But much like liquid liner or bronzer, shower-free hair products can backfire if used incorrectly, so here’s our master class on dry shampoo, to rescue even the most limp of second-day strands.

1. Spray

Dry shampoo is magic for perking up second-day hair. If you’re using an aerosol like L’Oreal Professionel Techni Art Fresh Dust, position the bottle about 20cm away from your roots. Lift hair up in 5cm sections and spritz lightly.

2. Blend

Don’t let the white powder residue turn you off—a little blending is all you need. Use your fingertips to work any excess into strands. Bonus: This mini massage also helps to add texture and volume.

3. Volumise

Next, use a slim hair brush with tourmaline bristles to further help work the formula into your hair.

4. Heat (optional)

With your blow dryer on a low heat setting, run your fingers through to further work the formula into your hair.