While there’s no hard and fast rules when it comes to liner, like any other cosmetic, certain types can suit different people better than others. Ever envied your friends black rimmed eyes but wonder why it doesn’t quite hit the mark when you try to replicate it? You might not be choosing the most flattering way to apply. Read our guide and find out how to do eyeliner that suits you.

Winged Eyeliner

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.04.38 pmThis is a look that’s worth mastering. Why? Because it suits most people, especially those with rounder eyes. This is because when you wing the liner out to the side you create the effect of elongating your eyes sideways. Make the wing slightly longer the more you want to play up the look.

Top Only

951329-1_og_originalThis is great for smaller eyes as it will open the eyes up and draw attention to your top lashes. Curl them for an extra eye-opening effect. Just remember to keep liner on the lash line and not on the inner rim, as this will negate the effect.

Double wing

951331-1_og_originalWhile this is fun to experiment with if you suit the winged liner look, it’s even better for people with close-set eyes. A winged end will draw attention towards the outer edge of the eye, making them appear wider apart. A double wing has double the effect.

Inner rim

951333-1_og_originalThis is great if you have medium to large eyes or almond eyes. Avoid this if you have small eyes as lining the inner rim makes them look smaller. If you have a natural almond shape, tracing the inner rim will accentuate the nice curve of your eyes. This is also good for wide set eyes, if you emphasise the inner corners and be sure not to draw out the line on the outer edge of the eye.

Thick wing

951335-1_og_originalThis is perfect for hooded lids as you can draw the line up to where it is required to lift and open the eyes. Liquid liner will make sure lids don’t smudge it once you’re done applying.