If the sand, sun and surf has left your hair feeling damaged, here are our pro tips to get it back into shape.

Restore lost moisture

A hair mask is the best way to do this. After you’ve applied one and while hair is still wet heat it gently with a hair dryer to open the hair follicle and allow the product to penetrate, then seal it in with a shot of cool air. Do this by turning the shower as cold as you can stand before getting out. If you’re going to blow dry it, finish off by using the cool shot on your dryer just before you finish, which smoothes the hair cuticle in the same way as the cold water. We love Kérastase Elixir Ultime.

Prevent further damage

There’s still two more months of summer so don’t go unprotected. There are products that work like sunscreen for your hair and you should be using them every time you plan on going out into the sun. The Kérastase UV Defence range blocks UV rays that will put your hair under stress, while also nourishing and softening the hair.

Colour correction

Brassy hair is a big concern for blondes, but this applies to brunettes, red heads and sandy browns too. If your hair has any lightness in it, especially highlights or balayage, these can suffer from sun and chlorine exposure. Try an anti-brassiness treatment like L’Oreal Shine Blonde shampoo and conditioner. Once you’ve rebalanced your hair colour go for a gloss treatment which can be done easily by your hair stylist and will add lustre and depth to your hair in one treatment.

The short of it

This is an obvious one but the simplest and most effective way of reinvigorating your hair; cut it. Any hairdresser will tell you this and can immediately identify the length you need lopped off to give it back life.

Go easy

Brittle hair responds badly to rough handling so brush gently if you hair is tangled (and it’s more likely to be if it’s dry). Don’t brush your hair out while it’s wet as the extra weight on the strands from the water will cause it to snap. Instead wait until it’s dry and use a purpose built detangling brush.

Cover up

Again this is another more obvious one but cover your hair as much as possible. Scarves, hats and staying completely out of the sun are the best options. If you are going in the sun a hair style like a low bun will at least reduce the surface are of your hair exposed to direct sunlight.