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Hair can be straight, curly, long, short, blonde, brunette, coarse and fair. Here are some beauty vloggers that tackle the hair maze head on.

Video: How to get shiny straight hair: My straight hair routine 
YouTube Channel: Luxy Hair
Sisters Leyla and Mimi, the latter being the focal point of this video, are the go-to for tutorials dealing with long hair. For straight hair, Mimi suggests taking the time to straighten hair and spray each section of the hair separately with a heat protector to keep the shine and most importantly protect the hair. Setting aside the time is paramount to an all-over sleek look.

Video: Lauren’s everyday waves
YouTube Channel: The Beauty Department
Starring beauty guru Lauren Conrad, this video takes the quick and easy approach to relaxed wavy hair lasting only 1:36. The step-by-step approach is easy to follow, with short written guidelines and voiceover to accompany her demonstration. You’ll be emulating Conrad in no time.

Video: How to style short hair
YouTube Channel: Patricia Bright
Bright brings her own short hair routine to viewers and how to maintain a blowout during the winter months. While her hair tutorials can vary from voluminous curls to long hair, Bright introduces simple tips for blow drying short hair that gives you the most amount of body and a salon quality finish. She also gives tips for viewers with weaves.

Video: How To: My Quick and Easy Hairstyles
YouTube Channel: Zoella
Zoe’s signature is straightforward demonstration with a personalised and quirky step-by-step routine. This video takes the viewer through her favourite every day hair looks including a fishtail braid, a volumised ponytail and a half up-do. She opts for quick and unpolished looks great for everyday and perfect if you’re on the go.