Five health tricks that will overhaul your new year regime.

Step To It


The next time you go for a walk, don’t stroll. Whether in the country or on city streets, pick up your pace, swing your arms, clench your bum with each step and move at a clip that gets your heart pumping.
Go Organic
If you are a coffee lover, make your morning fix cleaner by choosing organically grown Fairtrade coffee, which is farmed more sustainably and without chemicals. We love Cafe L’Affare’s Fairtrade Organic coffee, sourced from Fairtrade and Organic Certified estates and cooperatives in Peru and available here.
Pedal Power
Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 9.20.47 AM
Your destination just a little too far to walk? Why not ditch the car and bike instead? And why not do it in style? How cool are these Ladies Vintage Bikes available here and with bonus free delivery NZ wide!

Batch Day


Choose one day a week – Sundays work best for me – to cook one or two recipes to store or freeze for the days ahead, and before you know it healthy meal planning will be less stressful.

Time Out


Find a moment of contemplation every day, even if just for a few minutes. Whether it’s attending a yoga session, taking a walk in the park without your phone, or dedicating five minutes of your commute to closing your eyes, focusing on an internal point in your chest, slowing your breath and stilling the mind, any amount of inward focus will help to keep you centred and balanced; make it a priority.