Pastel Nail Art

Nail art can seem complicated when you just see the finished manicure, but once you read through these step by step nail art tutorials you will realise just how easy it is to do it yourself.

This look is really soft and beautiful, and you can do all ten nails in about 15 minutes. This technique would work for bright polishes too, but we love the way the pretty pastels blend together!

What you’ll need:

A white polish for the base coat.

Three pastel coloured polishes. We used pastel green, lilac and pink.

A clear top coat.

A makeup sponge.

Nail polish remover and a brush or cotton bud (for cleaning up your edges).

How to:

1. Start by painting the entire nail with a white base coat

2. With your makeup sponge, sponge on your light pink polish onto your nail from the base to 1/3  up the nail.

3. Sponge on your lilac colour from the base to 2/3 up the nail.

4. Sponge on your pale green to the remaining white space on the tip of the nail. Be careful when you’re adding the green. If you put too much over the purple it can end up looking muddy.

5. Apply a clear topcoat to subtly blend the three colours together and clean up the cuticles.

Pro tips:

Always use a makeup sponge – not a kitchen one!

Brush the polish on your sponge, then dab it a couple times of a piece of paper so you don’t apply too much on the nail. It’s easier to add more than take away too much.

To clean up your cuticles, just dip a stiff, wide brush in acetone (a cotton bud works, too) and wipe away extra polish.