Looking as gorgeous as ever, mature stars like Kim Cattral, Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren continue to look fabulous with the help of some clever hairstyles. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some simple guidelines for a great hairstyle after 50.

As a general rule, a perfect haircut is a necessity for mature women. You should therefore trim your hair at least once every eight weeks.

Ideally, the hair of best agers should be trimmed to chin- or shoulder-length. A softly layered classic bob works very well for thinning hair and also softens the facial lines.You may also style shoulder-length hair into festive up-dos.

Fringes are also very flattering especially when they are styled asymmetrically. Fringes can also hide any forehead wrinkles.

You may prefer long hair. In this case you should make sure to create enough volume. This is best done by blow-drying the hair while hanging the head upside down. Then style your hair as usual.


Meryl Streep

'The Iron Lady' - Paris Premiere

Meryl Streep shows off her updo. Shoulder-length hair can be styled in many different ways. With a little bit of experience you can create very festive updos in a few seconds. It is important to allow some strands of hair to hang loose. That avoids the schoolmarm look. Styling mousse and hair spray build up sufficient volume

Helen Mirren

"The Debt" New York Screening - Outside Arrivals

Helen Mirren has a knack for style. Her hair style flatters her facial lines and complexion. It also fits her expression. The bob is layered and provides generous volume. If your hair is thinning a little styling mousse can provide additional volume as well. Casually over the forehead falling fringes will also hide wrinkles.

Michelle Pfeiffer

"New Year's Eve" New York Premiere - Outside Arrivals

Michelle Pfeiffer kept her lion’s mane after her 50th birthday. If you like to follow her example you must diligently tend to your hair. Regularly use conditioning hair treatments to provide your hair with the desired moisture and lustre.

Kim Cattrall

"Private Lives" Broadway Opening Night - After Party

Kim Cattrall selected blonde shades for her once naturally blonde hair. The shading enhances the natural look. The soft chin-long waves create a playful impression.

Sigourney Weaver

US actress Sigourney Weaver smiles as sh

Sigourney’s warm brown hair and her complexion combine to a beautiful image. Muted lighter strands of hair and the emphasised volume create a beautiful mature look.