Want to grow out a short hairstyle? Here are some simple strategies to grow out a short cut with style.

Regular touch-ups are the trick to looking chic at an in-between length.  It’s usually better to keep the nape area a little tighter as the top grows, as this will help to avoid any mullet situations.  Here, Anne’s upper layers are longer, while the back is neat and a choppy fringe frames her eyes.


As you move from short hair to a chin-length style a rounded cut helps soften your look.

Try a messy bed-head effect during the just-past-the-chin stage. Kerastase’s Spray A Porter mist will create texture.

As hair hits your shoulders, a nearly blunt cut looks trendy and effortless—and you can always cut in more layers as hair grows longer.

For colour, highlights on your ends can give the illusion of a face-framing rounded cut.

If you’re growing out a fringe, keep it textured with regular touch-ups at the salon so it doesn’t become too heavy or chunky around your face. As your hair grows, a gently layered fringe can be incorporated into the rest of your hair.

Once your fringe hits ear-length, it’s almost become face-framing layers. Try parting hair and working the shorter pieces into wavy hair.