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While many salons rush or even skip over the consultation, here at Reds we believe that the consultation is crucial to achieving a great cut and colour. This is because it gives us the chance to understand what you really want as a client and allows us to give you some accurate expectations about what we can achieve with your hair type.

Because many people feel unsure about how to maximise their consultation, we’ve created some tips to make sure you leave the salon looking and feeling fabulous.

Bring Pictures

Bringing a picture (or two or three) is a great way to give your stylist a clear idea of what you want. As for colour, never rely on salon-speak. “Ash blonde” to your stylist may mean warm blonde to you. Show a picture of what you like. Your stylist should also show you an example of the colour she’ll be applying before you go ahead.

Don’t Say It, Show It

When talking length with your stylist, never say it, always show it. A great trick is to actually take your hand and karate chop it right where you want your hair cut to. And feel free to say, “No higher, please.”

Question & Listen to Your Stylist

Never be afraid to ask questions. Great questions include: “What type of hair colour best suits me?” “Do you think my hair can look like this picture?” “How long will this haircut take me to style in the morning?” Your stylist has specialist knowledge about hair colour and texture and will be able to advise you on the cut and colour that will look best on you.

Be Honest With Your Stylist

This is important for both colour and cut. Be honest about what you’ve had done to your hair in the last year or so. If you don’t tell your stylist you had a Brazilian straightening treatment 4 months ago, you risk damaging your hair. As for the cut, if your morning routine usually includes a quick wash followed by a towel dry, tell your stylist so she can give you a cut that looks great even when you don’t have time to blowdry.